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  • Princess Anne Middle School

    Completed in 2021, this new school in Virginia Beach needed stabilization before the new school year.

  • Smith Gap Landfill Salem VA

    Project completed in 2018 and consisted of the installation of over 22,000SY of EC-2 matting and 25 acres of permanent seeding.

  • Suffolk Municipal Airport

    Completed in 2012, was the installation of all perimeter controls and 5,000 square yards of EC-2 matting for the Suffolk Airport.

  • Paradise Creek Landfill, Porstsmouth

    This project for NAVFAC completed in 2010, was the seeding of a 56 acre cap on a closed Navy landfill.

  • Hampton Roads Executive Airport

    Installation of 40,000 linear feet of silt fence and seeding of 100 acres of freshly graded areas adjacent to the new runway construction.

  • Granville County, NC Landfill Cell Construction

    Seeding of 16 acres of new cell construction as well as 3,000 square yards of permanent turf reinforcement matting along the ditch lines.

  • Cheroenhaka Wetland Mitigation/Stream Restoration

    Seeded approximately 50 acres of compensatory mitigation ponds and cells, over 5,000 linear feet of stream restoration.

  • Chesapeake City Park

    City of Chesapeake included all perimeter controls, seeding and fine grading for approximately 18 acres of common area.

  • Atlantic Wood Facility

    Established perimeter controls which included over 5,000 linear feet of chain link super silt fence.

  • Atlantic Treatment Plant Expansion

    Fine grading and seeding of approximately 18 acres of new plant construction, as well as the existing plant.

  • VDOT K36/Route 620 Isle of Wight

    Installation of approximately 20,000 square yards of EC-2, eight acres of seed, 7,000 linear feet of filter barrier.

  • VDOT J03/Nimmo Parkway

    For this project, we were responsible for 30,000 linear feet of silt fence, 6,600 linear feet of chain link super silt fence.