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Erosion Control Services (ECS) is an erosion and sediment control contractor located in the tidewater area of southeast Virginia. ECS was established in 2007.  We began merely as a silt fence installation contractor and gradually grew into being one of the largest commercial seeding contractors in the area.   We offer a variety of different services to complete your job.

All  employees hold regional contractors badges for access to the Naval bases.

We are SWAM,  VDOT, and OSHA 24 hour HAZWOPER certified.

  • Hydroseeding

    For medium to large scale projects, hydroseeding is the most economical and basic form of seed establishment utilized for turf & native grasses, wildflowers, and erosion control mixes. The “1-Step Method” consists of a 4-Part Slurry.

  • Straw Blowing

    Straw blowing is the most cost-effective method to reduce soil erosion and sediment runoff on active and inactive construction sites. This methodology provides superior erosion control protection by limiting soil particle run-off resulting from rainfall at construction sites. The following 2-Step Method can be modified with the addition of a seeding application to create the 3-Step Method.

  • Erosion Control Blankets

    Erosion Control Services offers installation and site monitoring services for your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, (SWPPP), to effectively meet your governmental compliance needs so your company avoids costly fines, and delays in project completion.

  • Broadcast & Drill Seeding

    Seed placement is accomplished by mechanically injecting the seed, fertilizer, and inoculant components into the soil surface at pre-determined rates; often the preferred method for wetland mitigation projects.